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C.A. Grain is natural and authentic. It is a healthy grain brand with both cultural heritage and unique vibes.

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We adhere to the promise of "delicious and healthy food." Enabling customers to enjoy every mouthful of healthy and green food. We also participate in agricultural and sideline product conferences and exhibitions around the world regularly; we consistently explore the path of nutritional and healthy ingredients to provide the best quality products for our customers. Canada and China are both big agricultural countries, and farming products trade occupies a large portion of the world's bilateral market. China is the second-largest import and export country of the Canadian agricultural market. Our company should let our products go abroad, and make the world recognize the quality of China. Additionally, we aim to introduce top quality foreign agricultural products to China so that people can enjoy the different food from the world without leaving home.

The company advocates a modern enterprise scientific management system. We believe that only with the right technical equipment can good products be produced. The company's advanced specialized equipment requires high-quality talents to meet domestic and foreign customers' needs. Therefore, our company has assigned relevant persons responsible for production management and has formulated a series of quality policies to ensure product quality.

First, our company is equipped with management personnel headed by the general manager. There are financial department, sales, processing, statistics, documents, and general departments. The corresponding quality ensuring policies has been formulated. We believe in first-class technology, outstanding quality, interactive management, and honest service. We aim to be the number one in the industry; our quality goals are zero quality defects and zero service complaints. Around these policies and goals, the company has implemented comprehensive and strict quality management. First, we proceed from reality, establish, and improve various systems, such as product standards, operating procedures, and quality management systems. There are rules to follow, laws to follow, and strict implementation in production. At the same time, the company regularly organizes employees to learn relevant regulations, systems, standards, and requirements to improve their job skills and sense of responsibility. We want to make every employee aware of the fact that "I control the quality."
To implement the company's guidelines and policies, the company has formulated employee job responsibilities and functions.

Manager's responsibility system:
1. Deploy the factory's overall daily work according to the company's instructions, implement the personnel's specific work at each position, and make advance arrangements for daily warehouse activities.
2. According to the company's requirements, the manager needs to implement the division of labour, coordinate the supply of other factories and warehouses, and provide accurate information. 

Production responsibility system:
1. According to the company's specific requirements for the factory, the production team should be responsible for processing raw grains and colour sorting, completing the storage, dropping stacking, and stacking the incoming products in time.
2. The production team should be responsible for the workshop's sanitation and maintenance; the deployment of machine sieve, warehouse workers, and external workers; the timely and effective care and repair of machine screens, colour sorters, forklifts and other equipment; the reception of Liaoning inspection team and fumigation.

3. The production team should be responsible for container shipment, the timely collection of bulk grain by forklifts and machine screening departments, regular storage of pallets in the factory area, and the management of sanitary cleaning in all warehouses.

Quality inspection responsibility system:
1. Cooperate with the Commodity Inspection Bureau to establish the required quality tracking system and complete the Commodity Inspection Bureau's product inspection and inspection work.
2. Count the daily screening quantity in the machine screening workshop to provide data for the issuance of accurate bills.
3. Arrange and implement the factory's preferred workers; be responsible for managing the office and laboratory's hygiene.
4. Track cargo storage, demand accurate and transparent account establishment, supervise statistics and quality inspection.


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