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C.A. Grain is natural and authentic. It is a healthy grain brand with both cultural heritage and unique vibes.

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Royal Classical Agriculture Ltd is the wholesaler and distributor company that was founded
and registered in BC, Canada, in 2008. The company engages in Agri-Food for grain & pulse
products over 12 years of history, having its own warehouse, logistics, and distributor center
in Vancouver. We have own factory in China, Canada and Bolivia. The annual turnover
reaches USD 50 million with the premium quality of products marketing to North American,
European, and Asian markets.

Factory Overview


Royal Classical Agriculture established a solid relationship with growers and building
partnerships with the processor by providing the market outlet in the Asia region. As the
company continues to grow, we strive to serve the best value to our customers and the
growth for our shareholders.

We are a professional
exporter of miscellaneous grains in the domestic top five. Every year, We export to 37
countries worldwide in Europe, North America, South America, and Africa. Our main
products are red beans, mung beans, white kidney beans, red kidney beans, ginger
beans, broad beans, millet, black beans, peanuts and other legumes. In total, we cover
dozens of varieties. We mainly associate with foreign wholesalers and supermarkets,
and we have a unique brand.

We also do OEM for customers. In recent years, we have
increased efforts to develop the US and Canadian markets and continuously developed
new customers. Meanwhile, the company has an office in Canada, mainly responsible
for after-sales service in North America.

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